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Mark Jabbal

Associate Professor in Aerospace Engineering - University of Nottingham

Mark joined the University of Nottingham in 2016, where he helped set up an undergraduate aerospace engineering programme for which he is currently Deputy Programme Director. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering and PhD in Experimental Aerodynamics. He is also a co-opted member of the Aerodynamics Specialist Group in the Royal Aeronautical Society. In 2018, Mark created the @AeroWomen Twitter handle to increase the awareness of women working in aviation, automotive and energy aerodynamics. As part of this, he has conducted Q&As with women from a range of levels in industry and academia, which are published weekly on Twitter. So far, Mark has published more than 100 Q&As and @AeroWomen has amassed over 1,500 followers. In addition to the handle, he has nominated women in STEM for awards and as keynote speakers at traditionally male-centric events. In 2019, Mark was a Finalist in the WISE Campaign (Women Into Science and Engineering) Man Award in recognition of his work with @AeroWomen and for improving gender balance in his organisation and beyond.