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Dr Vicki Chalker

Chair. Government Science and Engineering Diversity and Action Inclusion Group - Head of Science and Engineering Profession, UK Health Security Agency

Dr Victoria Chalker studied Medical Microbiology and quorum sensing in bacteria, has worked on pathogen discovery, led the Molecular Microbiology Unit for UK NEQAS for Microbiology and gained Clinical Scientist status. She is Head of Science and engineering Profession and Head of the Respiratory and Vaccine Preventable Bacteria Reference Unit at UKHSA Colindale and is internationally recognised as an international expert in Mollicutes and Legionella with expertise for a large range of micro-organisms including streptococci, respiratory chlamydia and leptospira. In addition to heading the National Legionella Reference Laboratory (NLRL), she has previously led genomic studies of respiratory and systemic pathogens and formed and led European consortia for specific pathogens and has worked with NHSE as a scientific adviser focussing on antibiotic resistance. She has more than 100 scientific publications and 5 patents from her research. She Chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Action Group for the Government Science and Engineering Profession, working to improve diversity, inclusion and equity in science and engineering.