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Catalina Butnaru

London Ambassador,
Women in AI

A polymath at heart, Catalina Butnaru is a City AI and Women in AI Ambassador in London, where she works with the local community of AI practitioners, researchers, academics, and professionals on democratizing access to accurate information about the state of AI and its applications. She was part of the IEEE's Ethics in Action working groups drafting ethical standards for AI and Autonomous systems, and developing measures of transparency, wellbeing, and privacy in AI. She is developing an agile ethics design process to help teams expand their responsibility when developing AI systems that will positively impact individuals and society as a whole.

  • Breaking down stereotypes and closing the gender gap to increase diversity in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Widening participation in the next generation of digital specialists through £20 million government funding for the new Institute of Coding
  • Encouraging women to participate in machine-learning research by making the field of AI more open to women and girls
  • Developing a future pipeline of talent by encouraging girls to study computer science at school and to progress into a career in AI