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Dr Joanne Cole

Associate Dean for Equality and Diversity,
Brunel University

Jo is a senior lecturer in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Brunel University London and has been Associate Dean (Equality and Diversity) for the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences for the last three and a half years.  Although she currently teaches undergraduate engineers, she is an experimental particle physicist, who gained her PhD working on the ZEUS experiment at DESY in Hamburg, Germany.  After ten years on ZEUS, she joined the CMS experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, which she has been an active member of since 2005.  She is currently co-chair of the CMS Diversity Office.   Although Jo is a keen advocate of equality and diversity in STEM generally, she is particularly passionate about promoting women in Physics.  As a result, she is also currently the chair of the Institute of Physics’ Women in Physics group.

Gain the latest insights from leaders in the STEM sector on delivering innovative approaches to encourage participation of girls and women in STEM education and careers

  • Exploring approaches for encouraging girls to take up STEM subjects at school and in further education
  • Challenging stereotypes and unconscious bias which prevent women from entering into education or a career in STEM
  • Evaluating how effective collaboration between employers and education providers can support more women entering STEM roles
  • Analysing how to successfully create a more diverse STEM workforce which includes gender and racial parity
  • Discussing the next steps in delivering strategies for the continuing progression of women in STEM in the future