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Dr James Stones

Partner and CSR Lead,
Beck Greener

James is a Partner at Beck Greener and is a patent attorney specialising in the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.  James enjoys being involved from the creation of an idea to the launch of the product, and works with small and large clients to protect their inventions throughout the development process. James is the leader of Beck Greener’s CSR team and is a visiting lecturer at the UCL School of Pharmacy.  He has been the driving force behind the firm’s “STEM: Branching Out” project, which aims to inspire young people from diverse backgrounds within London to engage with STEM subjects at school and enter STEM careers.  James was especially pleased to see the project’s impact recognised in 2018 with a Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award and the STEM Employer (SME) award in the STEM Inspiration awards from STEM Learning UK.