Kerry Baker

Kerry Baker

Strategic Initiatives Lead,
STEM Learning

I am the Strategic Initiatives Lead at STEM Learning, working across the organisation to support cohesive working, collaborations, new initiatives and dissemination of good practice and success stories. I am an engineer by education and completed a PhD which can be succinctly described as why women do study engineering. I have worked in various organisations with a focus on STEM education, outreach and promotion. I am a passionate supporter of promoting STEM knowledge and skills amongst people of all ages and backgrounds, not only because of how fascinating the subjects are but also because knowledge, understanding and manipulation of these subjects and skills will empower the next generation of scientist and engineers to solve the big issues this world is currently facing.

  • Outlining strategies for how to get more girls interested in and improve access to STEM subjects throughout their education, via their teachers, by providing them with the aspiration, knowledge and skills to thrive
  • Exploring how STEM Learning is supporting the delivery of the Government’s Industrial Strategy through ENTHUSE Partnerships which helped to bring education and businesses together
  • Sharing the work STEM Learning does in supporting STEM education across the country by providing CPD opportunities for teachers to continually develop their STEM knowledge and collaborate with others in Science Learning Partnerships
  • Understanding how to get more girls interested and engaged in STEM especially through opportunities such as T levels and apprenticeships

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